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The Promise

COLUMBIA RECORDS teilte am 26. August 2010 in einer Pressemeldung mit, dass am 16. November '10 nicht nur die CD/DVD (Blu-Ray) Box "The Promise: The Darkness on the Edge of Town Story” erscheinen, sondern auch eine Doppel-CD mit 21 unveröffentlichten Songs aus dem Jahre 1978 erscheinen wird.
Mitwirkende Künstler:
Bruce Springsteen - Gitarre, Gesang, Harmonika, Bass
  Steven Van Zandt - Gitarre, Gesang
  Roy Bittan - Klavier
  Clarence Clemons - Saxophon, Percussions, Gesang
  Danny Federici - Orgel, Keyboards, Gesang
  Garry Tallent - Bass
  Max Weinberg - Schlagzeug
  Jon Landau - Schlagzeug
  Barry Danielian - Trompete
  Bob Muckin - Trompete
  Curt Ramm - Trompete
  Rich Gazda - Trompete
  Richie Rosenberg - Posaune
  David Lindley - Violine
  Ken Asher - Streichinstrument
  Bob Chirmside - Bass
  Corinda Carford - Bass
  Stan Harrison - Saxophon
  Dan Levine - Posaune
  Ed Manion - Saxophon
  Michelle Moore - Gesang
  Antoinette Savage - Gesang
  Tiffeny Andrews - Gesang
  Patti Scialfa - Gesang
  Soozie Tyrell - Gesang
  Thom Zimny - Remastering (2009)
  Jimmy Iovine - Tonmeister
  Steve Van Zandt - Produktions Assistent
  Greg Calbi - Mastering
  Bob Ludwig - Re-Mastering (1978)
  Eric Meola - Coverfoto
  John Berg - Cover Designer
  Frank Stefanko - Fotografie
  Jon Landau - Produktion
  Dave Bett und Michelle Holme - Art Direktoren
Tracklist (Doppel CD):

  Racing In The Street (’78)
  Gotta Get That Feeling
  Outside Looking In
  Someday (We’ll Be Together)
  One Way Street
  Because The Night
  Wrong Side Of The Street
  The Brokenhearted
  Candy’s Boy
  Save My Love
  Ain’t Good Enough For You
  Spanish Eyes
  It’s A Shame
  Come On (Let’s Go Tonight)
  Talk To Me
  The Little Things (My Baby Does)
  The Promise
  City Of Night 
  The Way (Bonus Track)
Veröffentlichte Singles:

Save My Love (Oktober 2010)
Promotion Single, weltweit

Charts und Verkaufszahlen (Stand November 2010):

Bruce Springsteens Album "The Promise" entwickelte sich weltweit zu einem Verkaufsschlager. Das Album stieg nicht nur in Deutschland, sondern auch in Schweden, Norwegen und Spanien auf Platz 1 der Charts ein. In Irland, Holland landete das Werk auf Platz 4. In Dänemark und Österreich wurde "The Promise" auf dem 5. Platz gelistet. Auch in Amerika (6.), England (7.) und der Schweiz (9.) belegte das Album kurz nach seiner Veröffentlichung einen Top Ten Platz.

Pressemeldung ShoreFire Media:

'The Promise: The Darkness On The Edge Of Town Story' Is Fastest Selling Box Set Of 2010

Bruce Springsteen's 2-CD Set 'The Promise' Debuts At #16 On The US Billboard Chart And At #1 In Germany, Sweden, Norway, And Spain

Bruce Springsteen's 6-disc box set 'The Promise: The Darkness On the Edge Of Town Story' became the fastest selling box set of 2010 this past week. It debuted at #27 on the Billboard chart.

His 2-CD set 'The Promise' debuted at #16 on the Billboard chart in the US this week. It also debuted at #1 in Germany, Norway, Spain, and Sweden, #4 in Ireland and the Netherlands, #5 in Denmark and Austria, #7 in the UK, and #9 in Switzerland.

Meanwhile, rave reviews continue to pour in on both releases. As part of a 9.5 (out of 10) review of the box set, Pitchfork Media said, "You will need this... a trove, a vast clearinghouse from a fertile period."

The Nation Online named the box, "the single greatest thing ever," saying, "It's that good." exclaimed, "Holy cow... fantastic."

The 2-CD set has been similarly praised. Entertainment Weekly called 'The Promise' "essential," continuing, "unreleased tracks from his '78 'Darkness on the Edge of Town' sessions bring bliss to both lifelong fans and new recruits."

Huffington Post praised the "powerful catchy stuff [on] a great lost Springsteen album" and Paste gave the set a 9.2 out of 10.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon hosted Bruce Springsteen for the entire show on November 16. Here is his performance of "Because The Night" with Stevie Van Zandt, Roy Bittan, and the Roots: 

'The Promise' 2-CD set contains 21 never-before-released tracks from the 'Darkness' sessions. 'The Promise: The Darkness On The Edge Of Town Story,' a 6-disc deluxe set (including 3 CDs and 3 DVDs), features eight hours and 33 minutes of audio and video and contains the internationally celebrated documentary "The Promise: The Making of Darkness on the Edge of Town" (as seen on HBO) as well as the complete 'The Promise' 2-CD set.

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