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The River 

Aufgenommen im April 1979 bis August 1980 in den Power Station Studios, New York, N.Y.
Veröffentlicht am 17. Oktober 1980
Billboard Top Ten - Platz 1. erreicht am 01. November 1980
Mitwirkende Künstler:
  Bruce Springsteen - Gitarre, Gesang, Harmonika, Bass
  Roy Bittan - Keyboards
  Clarence Clemons - Saxophon, Gesang
  Garry Tallent - Bass, Horn
  Danny Federici - Keyboards, Gesang
  Steven van Zandt - Gitarre, Gesang
  Max Weinberg - Drums
  Howard Kaylan - Gesang
  Mark Volman - Gesang
  Bob Clearmountain - Mixing
  Chuck Plotkin - Mixing
  Toby Scott - Mixing
  Neil Dorfsman - Aufnahmeleiter
  Frank Stefanko - Cover Designer
  The Ties that Bind 
  Sherry Darling 
  Jackson Cage 
  Two Hearts 
  Independence Day 
  Hungry Heart 
  Out in the Street 
  Crush on You 
  You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch) 
  I Wanna Marry You 
  The River 
  Point Blank 
  Cadillac Ranch 
  I'm a Rocker 
  Fade Away 
  Stolen Car 
  The Price You Pay 
  Drive All Night 
  Wreck on the Highway
Die ersten Proben für "The River" begannen im April 1979 in Freehold, NJ und Holmdel, NJ. Unter anderem wurden folgende Songs eingeprobt: "Chevrolet Deluxe", "You Can Look" und "The Ties that Bind".
Erst Mitte 1980 begannen die Aufnahmen für das Album in den "Power Station Studios", New York City, NY. Ursprünglich sollte "The River" ein Single-Album werden und den Titel "Ties That Bind" tragen. Aber durch das viele Material entschloss man sich, ein Doppel-Album zu veröffentlichen.
Auch bei "The River" wurden viele Songs eingespielt. "Be True", "Party Lights", "Love is a Gun", "Loose Ends", "Jeanny needs a Shooter", "Held up without a Gun", "Dollhouse", "Cindy", "Cevrolet Deluxe" wurden nicht veröffentlicht.
Weitere Songs, die für "The River" eingespielt wurden:
 - Cindy
 - White Lies
 - The Man who got away
 - Chain Lightning
 - Find it where you can
 - Break my Heart
 - Out on the Run
 - Night Fire
 - In the City
 - Under the Gun
 - I don't wanna be
 - Slow Fade
 - Jole Blon
 - Tonight
 - I'm gonna treat you Right
 - Dedication
 - Your Love
 - This Little Girl
 - You Gotta Fight
 - From Small Things
 - Songs to the Orphans
 - Take 'em as they come
Die Singleauskopplung "Hungry Heart" war Springsteen erster grosser Hit in Amerika. Der Song fand sich kurz nach Veröffentlichung auf Platz 5. der US Billboard Charts wieder. Das Album entwickelte sich mit 1,6 Millionen Verkäufen zu einem Überraschungserfolg.


"The River" erreichte in Deutschland Platz 31, Platz 2 in England und Platz 1 in den amerikanischen Billboard Album Charts.

Im Jahre 2003 wurde "The River" vom "Rolling Stone Magazin" zu einem der 500 besten Rockalben der Gegenwart gekürt.

Bruce Springsteen sagte über "The River":
"Rock and roll has always been this joy, this certain happiness that is in its way the most beautiful thing in life. But rock is also about hardness and coldness and being alone ... I finally got to the place where I realized life had paradoxes, a lot of them, and you've got to live with them."
- Interview mit William Ruhlmann

Hungry Heart  &  Fade Away (Singles)

Veröffentlichte Singles:
 - Hungry Heart (USA - 20.10.1980)
   A-Seite: Hungry Heart
   B-Seite: Held Up Without A Gun
 - Sherry Darling (Europa - 1980)
   A-Seite: Sherry Darling
   B-Seite: Be True
 - Fade Away (USA - 1981)
   A-Seite: Fade Away
   B-Seite: Be True
 - The River (Europa - 1981)
   A-Seite: The River
   B-Seite: Independence Day

Sherry Darling (Singles)

Liveperformance von "The River":
Am 8. November 2009 spielte Bruce Springsteen das komplette River Album während eines Konzerts im Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

The River was a record that was sort of the gateway to a lot of my future writing. It was a record we made after Darkness on the Edge of Town. It was a record made during a recession - hard times in the States. It's title song is a song I wrote for my brother and sister. My brother was in the construction industry, lost his job and had to struggle very hard back in the late 70s, like so many people are doing today. It was a record where I first started to tackle men and women and families and marriage. There were certain songs on it that lead to complete records later on: The River sorta went to the writing on Nebraska, Stolen Car went to the writing on Tunnel of Love. Originally it was a single record. I handed it in with just one record and I took it back because I didn't feel it was big enough. Wanted to capture the themes I had been writing about on Darkness. I wanted to keep those characters with me and at the same time added music that made our live shows so much fun and joy for our audience. So, In the end, we're gonna take you down to The River tonight.
Bruce Springsteen, 8. November 2009, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY


"The Ties That Bind: The River Collection":
Am 4. Dezember 2015 erschien die "The Ties That Bind: The River Collection". Die Box enthält 52 teils 52 teils unveröffentlichte Songs. Ferner ist "The Ties That Bind" mit dem original "The River" Doppel-Album, dem "The River: Single Album", Studio-Outtakes, Live Rehearsals, einem Konzertfilm (Tempe Show vom 5. November 1980), der Dokumentation "The Ties That Bind" sowie einem 148seitigem Fotobuch ausgestattet.
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