Little Steven
  Renegade Nation

Mit dem Rock-Album "Born Again Savage" kehrte Little Steven zu seinen Wurzeln zurück. Das Album wurde 1999, fast 10 Jahre nach "Revolution" veröffentlicht. schrieb:
A classic second-in-command rocker in the tradition of Keith Richards and Johnny Thunders, Little Steven has also made a mark apart from his erstwhile boss, the Boss. The man also known as Miami Steve Van Zandt had a major hand in Southside Johnny's bar-band masterwork Hearts of Stone, was the linchpin in 1985's Artists United Against Apartheid project, and lead his own group, the Disciples of Soul, for a time after his 1984 departure from the E Street Band. Largely out of the picture through the 1990s, Little Steven returns with a solo outing that rocks harder and is more inflamed lyrically than one might have expected from this long-AWOL warrior. Van Zandt's liner notes lay out his mission--to doff his bandana in the direction of the '60s rockers who helped shape his consciousness, from Cream to the Kinks to Jefferson Airplane. At the same time, he maintains the confrontational political stance that's been in evidence since the days of Sun City. Hence there's the title track ("Look around at the volunteered slavery") and "The Camouflage of Righteousness" ("We give you politicians and you call it a choice / We let you do the voting and you think you have a voice"). With this Savage attack, Little Steven fights the good fight and remains standing.

Little Steven:

This is the Record I would have made in 1969 had I beed capable
It took 20 more years to write it and another 10 to get it out but chronological time is
overrated anyway ain`t it?
It is the tribute to the hard rock pioneers that kept me alive growing up. The Kinks, the Who, the Yardbird and the tree groups the Yardbird spawned - Creams, the Jeff Beck Group and Led Zeppelin.
It`s additionally a statement of profound gratitude to Georg Harrison, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and the Jefferson Airplane who first turned me on to Eastern melody and philosophy and forever explanded my cross-cultural consciousness.
I must also thank Bob Dylan from whom all lyrics flow, and Allen Ginsberg for being a Buddhist among other things.
This is the fifth and last of the political albums I outlined when I decided to make my own records. I wanted to learn about what was going on and write about it, talk about it, and hopefully learn something about myself in the process. After 5 albums and 7 years of travelling and studying and looking around I wrote the following liner notes intended for the original release of this record.
We live in an insane asylum. A barbaric, merciless cesspool. And in this purgatory filled with disease and ugliness and violence and hatred and injustice and greed and lies and pain and frustration and confusion there a brief, feleeting moments of oeace and love and truth and beauty. They are rare. They are years and miles apart. But they are so meaningful that they make life worth living. Those moments give you strength to face the insanity with your balance intact and your eyes focused and you endure and tolerance and survive.
And if you`re lucky, real lucky, you can tap that strength and hold on to it long enough to, in your own small way., try to make it all a little bit better. Just a little bit more civil and just. To serve. And you don`t do it for anybody else because no one is going to thank you or reward you or even notice. Don`t kid yourselfe. You do it for you. For your own soul.
Because in this world that`s all the salvation you`re ever gonna get -
Little Steven

Mitwirkende Künstler:

Steven Van Zandt - Gesang, Gitarre
Adam Clayton - Bass
Jason Bonham - Schlagzeug
Steve Jordan - Gesang
Jean Beauvoir - Gesang
Ben Newberry - Gesang
Frank Newberry - Gesang
We are the chosen ones that's what they taught me
We've got the power, the money, the guns
If there's a God He is white and on our side
You'll believe anything when you are young

We are the civilized they always told me
Religion is organized I was told
I found it more honest exploring the darkness
'cause Jesus never wore no South African gold

Look around baby we're desperate and divided
All calling God by different names
Kneeling to praise Him while we poison His garden
I'm Born Again Savage and can't play the game

There ain't no justice for the loyal foot soldier
We're promised salvation but not till we die
Our bodies are churches of wisdom and pleasures
Don't be afraid baby let's look inside

I've danced with the spirits I've challenged my demons
Been baptized in the blood of my own killing ground
We laughed when the elders said all life is sacred
And natural law's gonna punish us now

Look around at the volunteer slavery
Everyone drinking and dying of thirst
Don't look up baby 'cause no one's gonna save you

I'm Born Again Savage and a child of the earth

This flesh we walk 'round in is so temporary
It's misused and disused, discarded too fast
Invite me into your temple to worship
I'm Born Again Savage and free at last

The old men make excuses
While the young men bring the noise
And nothing ever changes
Because boys keep being boys

And the women just surrendered
While Cinderella slept
Now they know they've waited too long
There's nothing worth stealing left

Under the camouflage of righteousness
We supply the sins while you confess
You're seduced by the vampires' sweet caress
Behind the camouflage of righteousness 

We give you politicians
And you call it choice
We let you do the voting
And you think you have a voice 

We control the information
And you call yourself informed
We give you our religion
And you believe it's yours 

Under the camouflage of righteousness
We supply the sins while you confess
You're seduced by the vampires' sweet caress
Behind the camouflage of righteousness 

Breathe - Life is just a dream
Reach out and touch the screen
We're here to soothe you
Relax - It's better if you don't fight
Believe in the flickering light
We can't afford to lose you 

We offer you diversion
On any channel you choose
We give you bread and circus
And you still call it news 

We orchestrate your hatred
It's as clear as white and black
We select your history
And you believe its fact 

Under the camouflage of righteousness
We supply the sins while you confess
You're seduced by the vampires' sweet caress
Behind the camouflage of righteousness 

Stop telling me how I feel - You don't know a thing about me
Ain't nothin' getting better - Down here on the street
Tell me a lie, tell me a lie - Tell me a lie, tell me another lie I got nothin' to believe in - I got no reason to live
I got nothin' to believe in - I got no reason to live
But checkin' out seems so pitiful
I'm gonna find out who's responsible
I'm gonna find out what makes the world go 'round
I'm gonna take you down, I found 

Guns, Drugs, and Gasoline 

I got no one to look up to - Nothin' to look forward to
I got no one to look up to - I got nothin' to do
It's time to get organized - Time's killing us while we're killing time
I'm gonna find out why nobody's dreams come true
I'm talking to you - I'm talkin' about 

Guns, Drugs, and Gasoline 

It's hard to be a rebel in an outlaw nation
It's hard to be smart when you're always wasted
And wasted's their own children's fate
They don't care their money's safe 

You say my brother's my enemy
The real criminal's the unholy Trinity
As you bow down and worship like a slave
Satan has three names, I'm talkin' about

Guns, Drugs, and Gasoline

When the churches feel like graveyards so solemn and so cold
Those who blaspheme passively have already lost their souls
Men will build their steeples, stain their glass and pray in vain
When the world loses it's pity, the pitiful shall reign 

I hear that whistle blowin' we're running out of time
That train of lost souls keeps me running - their fate could be mine
I hear their cries for mercy on their way to limbo's jail 
I'm one step ahead of the hellhounds on my trail 

I was sipping coffee and anisette at a sidewalk cafe
Realizing at least half my life is gone
I was feeling alright watching life go by thinking
I ought to know by now where I belong 

And a waitress came out of nowhere, right through the mist, and said,
"Is there anything else I can do for you?"
She said it like she meant it (I said) "I'll have some parmigiana and pears
And, oh yeah, there is one more thing that you can do 

Can you tell me is the white light of near death the light of creation?
You know the one from that big bang so long ago?
And is reuniting with that energy what we call heaven?
Or is what's in your kiss all there is to know?" 

You know that Moses climbed that mountain
And the Buddha was so cool under that tree
And me, I'm here waiting in your garden
Just to catch a glimpse of the face of God 

The young girl worked in fashion, the old man was an outlaw priest
They had nothing much in common but the adventure in their eyes
She said, "I inherited my body, my religion, and my wealth
Why am I never satisfied?" 

He said, "There's some things you cannot be given
And there's some things you cannot steal
She said, "I will trade my youth for your wisdom"
He laughed and said, "It ain't quite that simple but you got a deal" 

And Moses climbed that mountain
And Mohammed got down on the floor of that cave
Tonight I'll be deep inside your garden
Just to catch a glimpse of the face of God 

The old Kings and the Princes so recently dethroned
Were prophets once upon a time - their words the law of the land
They used to look so regal in their psychedelic colors
There is no place for them now in the land of the bland 

Some turned into spirits 
And some came crashing down in flames
But with their dignity intact some keep on searching 
Knowing they can't go back the way they came 

Have you heard that Moses climbed that mountain
And Jesus walked in the desert sands
And me I wait so patiently in your garden
Just to catch a glimpse of the face of God

The war stopped for a moment
We held our breaths my brothers and I
The poisoned sky'd stopped crying
The red sun tried to shine 

We looked down from the mountain top
And felt so alone
This once was paradise
This wasteland once was home 

Are you still alive inside baby
That's all I need to know
Without you my bloodlust
Would have blinded me long ago 

I want to be your shelter
But there's no shelter left on Earth
I wish I could hide you
But hiding only makes it worse 

Don't let your demons make you cry
They'll all be gone by morning
Don't let your spirits leave your side
Stay close to the Earth - so you don't get burned 

Oh my sweet child how did you sleep last night
She said, "I dreamed I saw Saint Francis"
He came in the body of a lion and had tears in his eyes
And he said, "It don't have to be this way" 

The masters of war keep marching
Their work is never done
The sacrifice continues
In the form of God's most innocent ones 

The masters of religion
Better learn a new way to love
God never created anything
Anything He's not part of 

Don't fear the light, don't shield your eyes it's only Holy fire
Don't be afraid to look inside it's only your desire
Don't deny your own desire 

There's a bad storm coming
I believe it's coming our way
The air is thick and cloudy
The sky gets blacker everyday 

The rebel children are waiting - Their time is coming soon
They face no future gamely - They've got nothing left to lose 

I was born a sinner - I was born in sin
I was born with an alibi for the trouble I've been
I can talk my way through anything it's in my blood
So why do I get nervous when you talk about love 

I could use a little shelter
So I can try to understand the things I've seen
Maybe you don't have all the answers
But you can give me something I need 

Salvation - Don't deny me - Got to find me somebody to help me tonight
Salvation - Deep inside me - I'm a little confused but I'll be alright 

The greasy politicians want to set me free
My teachers wasted their lives selling lies to me
A little more money - A little more sex
A little religion's what they'll be selling me next 

I've been looking for you baby
Looking for a reason to live
I been looking for some temporary sanctuary
Something, that I think you can give me 

Salvation - Don't deny me - Got to find me somebody to help me tonight
Salvation - Deep inside me - I'm a little confused but I'll be alright 

I ain't afraid of hellfire
I'm only afraid of wasting time
I want some answers and I'm gonna find them
And I ain't gonna wait till I die - show me a sign

white water blue sky
yellow sun organize 

green money blood red eyes
purple hearts organize 

black prisons orange fire
brown earth organize 

gold lightning distant cries
silver glasses organize 

grey leaders grey lies
grey eagle organize 

I saw you at the slaughterhouse on Saturday night
It was loud enough to cover up the screams inside
When I looked in your eyes I saw the walking dead
When we kissed I could taste the blood on your breath
The thrill of the hunt makes you feel alive
I know what you got on your mind tonight 

You want flesh - flesheater 
You need flesh - flesheater
We're all born cannibals
You don't have to die a flesheater 

It's kill or be killed its always been that way
The cries of the animals are so far away
You see yourself reflected in the hungry boys eyes
It's a hunger that can never be satisfied
but when you look behind the mirror there's no escape
You're just another bag of bones wrapped in powder and paint 

You want flesh - flesheater 
You need flesh - flesheater
We're all born cannibals
You don't have to die a flesheater 

In the end to them you're just another piece of meat
Prime choice for the vultures - their own kind tastes so sweet
There's got to be more to life than this
I'm getting stronger with every kiss 

Feeling better baby have another drink
Stick the spike right in so you don't have to think
Open up, open up, open up, I'm coming in
You say you want to be with me tonight
You better be ready for some religion in your life 

No more flesh - flesheater
No more flesh - flesheater 

I stumbled blindly through the storm
Rituals, myths and dreams helped me carry on
The last words the warrior priest confessed,
"Faith has its usefulness" 

She offered shelter, wine and bread
"I seek the truth", I said
She smiled, "You first must die before rebirth"
She buried my sword in Mother Earth 

"The fast is over. Tonight we share the feast"
She whispered, "Do you hear that sound. By passion the world is bound
And by passion it is released 

Hunting the night for new flesh
While wisdom dwells in loneliness
You hold the key to the gates of redemption
Your demons await your attention 

Those who resist the healing fire
Will drown in the ocean of desire
The adventure that you're ready for's the one you get
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
The familiar is the death of lust
You can't fill your glass if it hasn't been emptied yet" 

She said, "It's the journey not the destination
It's the journey not the destination"
I didn't understand, I was just a young man
She said, "It's the journey not the destination" 

I seek the golden fleece, the Holy Grail
I wait no more for an excuse to fail
The path to compassion leads inside
I pray to find the wisdom to serve 
Until the end of time 

Smoke curled from the embers of the fire
With respect for the dawn the beach was quiet
God tried to smile
It's a good day to live or die 

I live where the Earth meets the sky
In the violence of the hurricane I ride the eye
I live inside
I travel in dreamtime 

Look what you've done to the blood of the Earth
Look how you've changed the balance
Look at the desecration of my church
You're morally bankrupt and blind
While your children pay for your crimes 

I'm gonna ride the tongues of angels all the way to heaven 

I've done my penance in Babylon among the tribes
I organized
We stood side by side fighting the righteous fight
Hard fought victories won in vain
The new leaders learn from the old ones and do the same
They've lost The Way
That's why nothing changes 

I see without looking
I feel without touching
I know without thinking
When I feel confused and lost
I come back to the source 

I'm gonna ride the tongues of angels all the way to heaven 

Smoke curled from the embers of the fire
Proud soldiers once unified
Fighting for the scraps of power
In the city's final desperate hour 

I live where the wind meets the sand
Waiting for the holocaust where life began
If I'm called I will return
But I'm not gonna watch it burn 

I find without searching
I hear without listening
I know without thinking
After there's no tears left to cry
I will choose the way I die 

I'm gonna ride the tongues of angels all the way to heaven