with Bruce Springsteen


Der aus Michigan stammende und in Detroit lebenden Singer/Songwriter Stewart Francke veröffentlichte am 17. Mai 2011 (31. Mai 2011 - USA) sein elftes Studioalbum “Heartless World".
Auf dem Album ist unter anderem das Duett "Summer Soldier (Holler If Ya Hear Me)" mit Bruce Springsteen zu finden. 

Tracklist "Heartless World":

Summer Soldier (Holler If Ya Hear Me)
  Gesang: Bruce Springsteen
Heart of a Heartless World
Sam Cooke's On The Radio
Sidewalk Dimes
Soul Tattoo
Born In A Fever
Snowin' In Detroit
You Want What You Don't Got (and you don't want what you got)
Faith In Faith Itself
Givin' It Up
July Hay
Boo Yah/Take My Mother

Songtext und Infos:

Summer Soldier (Holler If Ya Hear Me) - Liner Notes
In one sense this song is a Soldier's story; in another it's about this idea of American Exceptionalism as international hubris. It's about the wars we fight as a country, and how our military men & women are asked to go on third, fourth and even fifth tours with no real clear purpose other than the original neo-con mandate of making Baghdad and Kabul look like Vermont or Kansas. The song came about because I was asked to sign and send some cds and posters for Michigan military peoples stationed in Iraq. Several wrote back. One young woman was a mother as well, and she was over there for 9 months on her third tour after being promised she was done rotating a year ago. the overall point of the song is that you can condemn a war while still supporting the troops who are asked to fight it. Thanks to Bruce for singing on it - it was his voice I always heard in the call & response of the chorus but figured it would remain just a dream. So I asked, he said yea, and sang it as he sings everything - with great passion and emotional clarity. A Dream come true.
Summer Soldier (Holler If Ya Hear Me)  - Musiker
Johnny Bee Badanjek: Drums; Chuck Bartels: Bass; Paul Warren: Guitar; Bobby Murray: Guitar; Jimmie Bones: Piano; Bryan Reilly: Drums, Percussion; Stewart Francke: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar; Bruce Springsteen: Vocal
Summer Soldier (Holler If Ya Hear Me) - Lyrics
As I lay wounded in this wasteland
Summer soldier, a family man
Back home it's springtime
They're tying yellow ribbons in the sun
Holler, holler if you hear me
I come from Warren down by Detroit
I joined the army, five times deployed
I don't regret it, but I'll miss my boys
Holler if you hear me
We dream at night but never sleep
For promises we never keep
And seeds we sow, we never reap
When push comes to shove
We're all fallin' short of God's love
When that train arrives, and I can hear my title clear
We'll walk together
Yea brother we'll walk on outta here
And we'll understand it all in the by and by
Holler if you hear me

Die Presse schreibt:

Michigan rock & soul artist Stewart Francke releases his 11th title, Heartless World, his first CD of new music since 2002. The album's single, Summer Soldier (Holler If Ya Hear Me) features Bruce Springsteen on vocals along with Francke. ''This is a tremendously cool thing for Bruce to do,'' Francke says, ''and of course a real honor. He found something in it compelling enough to join me, and I'm still a bit knocked out about it all. His involvement ups the ante on my entire career.'' Boo Yah (Take My Mother Home), another standout track, is a funky vamp with Amp Fiddler on clavinet and Detroit rock and soul legend Mitch Ryder on vocals. Stewart and his Band are also opening some Midwestern shows with the recently-launched Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band Spring tour. The release of Heartless World will also be supported with a headlining Michigan mini-tour this summer, with Francke and his band playing select CD release concerts in Detroit, Ann Arbor and other summer concert stops. ''This whole project has seemed charmed since we began recording,'' Francke says. ''It all sounds kinda like Ray Davies and Holland-Dozier-Holland jammin' together, which is that combination I've been aspiring to my whole career.'

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